I am a seeker and as such have met other healers and givers, and all were worthy.  Yet, none were able to get through that internal wall of mine so quickly.  Shelley you settled, focused and redirected my energy within the first hour of my first session with you.  You were able to see me as who I was built to be.  You recognized who I Am!  I also discovered aspects about myself and members of my family that were way above my head, that I did not know. When I heard them, they immediately struck a chord and I knew at that moment were true.  I just did not have the clarity before.  Shelley, you are a beautiful and generous person.  The time I spent with you was a powerful, profound experience of self-discovery and self-love.

Vivian Poulis

Shelley, I came to see you early last year(very pregnant).  It’s  incredible how much you were able to pick up on, and indeed how true  your words were.  I gave birth to Arlan, at 4:44.  It was a hard delivery, as you had alluded to, and we  could have lost her-but, thank God, she came around and is exactly  how you described her(minus the hair!).  I remember you saying that 4 (am) will be a significant time for her, and even though she’s been  an amazing sleeper since day one, it’s usually around 4 that she’ll  stir!  You told me that she is a big communicator and that she’ll  really be able to see the beauty in things, and although that is a  nice thing to think about anybody, I really do believe it to be true  for Arlan.  Everyone, from strangers to family have used the same words for her, and they are always ‘old soul’, and ‘so alert and  aware’.  I believe you changed how I felt about having a daughter.   True too  was the advice you gave me about my son, Liam.  Since we met, I have  paid special attention to understanding him and respecting the  boundaries that  he puts up for people. So, thank you for such an incredible experience.


Thank you so much Shelley.I don’t know where I would be today without your guidance, love and caring-this means so much to me and gives me a sense of achievement when I can see the true meaning in my life!


Thank you Shelley, thank you for your guidance and helping me (again) to believe my truth and my intuition; you are so very,very, good and gifted


Thank you Shelley, after our session  I sent my cousin Anthony a Christmas card with a picture of my two boys and he responded to it by email with a very positive long letter and a picture of his children.  We will be getting to know each other over the next little while. If it wasn’t for you, I never would have known that he exists.


Shelley, you have made a big difference in my life.  I find that I feel more at peace with myself and more accepting of others and circumstances over which I have no control.You are an angel.


Shelley, I am in awe of your ability to teach me so much more about myself than I had ever imagined.


Our work the other day was transformational!  I don’t know exactly how that hour could have gone so deep so fast but the inner child work was incredibly healing!  The anxiety that was holding me back, having me question my worth seems to have been eliminated!  How can it be?  Your intuitive work was uncanny and the imaging was at once vivid and beautiful. I feel for really the first time since I can remember the urge to play and explore.  I have a different perspective on my work and my interactions.  Phenomenal! THANK YOU!  This is ground breaking – an excavation of life changing proportions!  I feel unhampered and that anything is possible!


Shelley I got more clarity from one hour with you than the last 3 years of therapy.  And my anxiety is way better!  And I know what to DO NOW!


No one can smile the way you smile. No one can bring the warmth that you bring. No one can fulfill your role in this world.

Shelley Kabelin