I offer fast, effective, and lasting change.

I was born an Intuitive Healer.  I have always been aware when a person’s body, mind and soul are out of alignment, the patterns they choose to obscure their joy, and what would help them realign and live a joyful-soulful life.

May you have the strength of Eagles Wings, the courage to soar to new heights, and the wisdom to carry you there.    

A Message from Shelley

How Can I Help?

My services are offered at Eagles Wings Healing Centre in Burlington, your facility, hospital, hospice, or phone.

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What I know about the human journey is we all experience pain and loss. The energy of our thoughts and words about these experiences accumulates within us and radiates from us. Chronic patterns of containing our desires, our truth, and our soul gifts will create physical ailments, emotional emptiness, and soul disconnection.


ONE SESSION is often all it takes for transformational healing. Learn a unique perspective to calm any emotional challenge. Integrate effective tools for lasting change in daily life.


~ Core Healing
~ Intuitive Soul Counselling
~ Transitional Healing
~ Hot Stone Therapy
~ Aroma Reflexology
~ Space Clearing/Feng Shui
~ Dream Analysis

Life Mastery

Do you know your SOULSELF? The masterpiece of YOU already exists. Are you yearning to reclaim your throne and ReMember who you authentically ARE, before you were told who to be?


~ Own Your Throne
~ Living in Mastery
~ Ambassador of Change


Get Certified to Help others Heal. Expand your Energy Tools. Learn to EASE your daily life.


~ Reiki Certification Courses
~ Therapeutic Touch Certification Courses
~ Hot Stone Therapy Certification Course
~ Foot Reflexology Certification Course
~Healer Mentoring
~ Chakras How Energy Flows
~ Axiatonal Trinity Alignment
~ Crystal Healing
~ Egyptian Numerology
~ 5 Simple Steps to Peace


Where Like-Minded share truth in Community.
Inspired teachings, experiential exercises, expanded consciousness, Monthly Ongoing, come when your heart calls.


~ Woman’s Circle
~ Mastery Class
~ Energy Shares