~ The Life Mastery classroom is a sacred space to ReMember who you authentically ARE before you were told who to be.

~ Do you know your SOULSELF? 

~ Are you interested in reclaiming your throne?

Life Mastery

A trinity of classes to reclaim your divine power. The masterpiece of YOU already exists.

When you are ready to dissolve the filters of amnesia and reclaim your mastery – the Life Mastery classroom is a greenhouse with the right growing conditions for the soul to bloom and radiate its full intended magnificence through this human experience. Let our team of Ambassadors of Change help you ReMember your soul heart and your wings to BeAM authentic you!

Life Mastery Series

Own Your Throne

The first stage of awakening is remembering the precious unique gift of light your soul came to be – your mastery. Reclaim the power and TRUTH of 8 aspects of self that make you a unique light that is NEEDED in this world – yes, the flaws you have been persecuted for are your greatest strengths. A three-session – 18-hour experience to Awaken to your Truth.

Living in Mastery

The second stage is ReMembering how to trust your truth and consciously beAM your masterful soul light daily.  Learn how to live your truth daily, connecting with authentic AND awakening beings with EASE, as years of programmed codes and filters fall away. A three session – 18 hour experience of Truth is Freedom.

Ambassador of Change

The third stage is ReMembering how to actively share your unique soul light naturally inspiring others to be Authentic Self. Learn how to add your light to the soul membership of oneness. A three-session – 18-hour experience of Oneness is Truth.


Life Mastery Stage 1

$299.00 and 18 hours

Life Mastery Stage 2

$299.00 and 18 hours

Life Mastery Stage 3

$299.00 and 18 hours

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