Healing: select one of the healing session options below.

Core Healing

~ Deep, peaceful relaxation that reduces physical, emotional and spiritual pain.

~ Unblocking and balancing the flow of life-force energy within the body

~ New Awareness & tools to maintain the tranquil calmness in your life

Intuitive Soul Counselling

~ Feel empowered to take responsibility and create the life you desire

~ Learn a unique perspective to bring calmness to any emotional challenge

~ Discover a variety of effective tools to integrate lasting change into daily life

Transitional Healing

~ Pre/Post Surgical energy alignment

~ Balance and clarity of patterns underlying medical illness

~ Dignity and comfort through the active process of death

Hot Stone Therapy

~ The warmth and rhythm of the stones will melt away stress and tension, bringing deep relaxation

~ The reflexology and massage will improve circulation and help the body detoxify

~ The energy work will calm the nervous system permitting your spirit to soar

Aroma Reflexology

~ Reduce stress and induce total relaxation

~ Improved circulation and cleanse the body of toxins

Space Clearing / Feng Shui

~ Energy clearing from land, building and furnishings

~ Guidance and clearing of spirits encountered

~ Suggestions on how to optimize the flow of energy for space and people

Dream Analysis

~ Analysis of disturbing or inspiring dream

~ Clarity on the inspired application of truth from the dream to daily life