I am Shelley Kabelin an Intuitive Healer, Soul Counsellor and Teacher.

My soul gift and passion is to inspire soul awareness.  I will help you remember your soul truth of who you were before you were told how to be. With more than two decades of experience providing intuitive clarity, freedom from trauma, and inspiring innate wisdom through healing and teaching.

I am honoured to be a part of your journey of lasting inner change.

My Certifications

Shelley has over two decades of experience in over 50 healing modalities

20+ Energy Therapies 10+ Body-Mind Therapies20+Mind-Spirit Therapies
Applied Kineseology
Axiatonal Alignment
Body Awareness
Chakra Healing
Colour Healing
Cranial Sacral
Crystal Healing
Ear Candling
Emotional Release Therapy
Energy Medicine
Hot Stone Therapy
Inner Child Dialogue
Polarity Balancing
Usui Reiki Master Teacher
Shamanic Healing
Space Clearing Feng Shui
Sound Healing
Therapeutic Touch
Quantum Healing
Guided Imagery
Medical Intuitive 
Mind Body Medicine
Muscle Testing
Nutritional Counselling 
Voice Dialogue
Quantum TLC
5 Tibetan Yoga

Angel Intuitive
Card Reading
Dream Analysis
Emotional Freedom Technique
Egyptian Numerology
Family Constellations
Holistic Counselling
Intuitive Life Coach
Journey Work
Guided Meditation
Psych K
Relationship Coaching
Shamanic Healing
Trauma Coach

My Degrees

  • Bachelor of Business Administration Honours Oct 27, 1991
  • Masters in the Healing Arts Dec 3, 2001

My Services

Shelley offers fast, effective, and lasting change through her Healing, Life Mastery Series, Courses, and Classes.

My Story

I was born an Intuitive Healer.  I have always been aware when a person’s body, mind and soul are out of alignment, the patterns they choose to obscure their joy, and what would help them realign and live a joyful-soulful life. Of course, I chose a family that denied the truth I brought to light, and with no human to guide or encourage my soul gifts, I grew up feeling like an alien.  When I was 16 I saw a renowned psychic who said I was more gifted than him and I would help many people find their true self but I was wasting it and it would all be taken away.  Of course, I ignored Allan and chose a career as a project manager in information technology.  I guided the installation of systems for connection for 10 years and always knew what would go wrong on an install before it did.

I continued living like the alien, partly living my soul truth, until my soul was shaken awake in 1997 by the birth of my son. Soon after my marriage ended suddenly, soon followed by my own counselling for childhood sexual abuse from a parent, soon followed by the passing of my best friend and caregiver for my son. By 2000 every aspect of my life was systematically stopped culminating with a car accident cracking a vertebra in my neck and ribs leaving me on disability for 12 months.

What was taken away was all the stuff stopping me from being my authentic soul self.  My healing crisis leads me to a master’s in the healing arts year intensive certification where I began to remember my soul gifts.  As a Medical Intuitive, I am acutely aware of the connection between your physical issues and your emotional/spiritual bodies. As an Angel Intuitive, I communicate with spiritual messengers and teachers residing in higher dimensions (angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, deceased loved ones). Over the years I have been certified in over  50 healing modalities.  I opened Eagles Wings as my commitment to provide a safe, nurturing and supportive environment, offering souls the chance to remember and soar.  I have been blessed to work for over two decades with over 10 000 clients worldwide. My intuitive healing services provide validating clarity, inspiring insight, freedom from trauma, and empowering tools to remember innate wisdom, authentic truth and soul gifts.  This is my soul gift and passion to bridge the gap and help people remember their soul truth of who they were before they were told how to be.    

Eagles Wings Healing Centre

The Eagle represents freedom & power. When the Eagle within our soul is released, it soars with unlimited freedom and power- the way we were created to be.

I opened Eagles Wings Healing Centre in 2001 as my commitment to provide a safe, nurturing and supportive environment, offering you the chance to soar. 

My goal is to guide you intuitively on a journey to heal yourself and reclaim your wholeness- physically, emotionally, and spiritually.