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Reiki Certification Courses

~ Become officially certified in Reiki 1, Reiki 2, or Reiki master

~ Learn and practice how to channel Rei (universal) Ki (life force) for self-healing, healing of others, plants, and animals.

~ Expand your capacity for love

Therapeutic Touch Certification Courses

~ Become officially certified in Therapeutic Touch 1, Therapeutic Touch 2, or Therapeutic Touch 3

~ Learn and practice the physical TT techniques

~ Learn how to heal people with Therapeutic Touch

Hot Stone Therapy Certification Course

~ Become officially certified in Hot Stone Therapy

~ Learn to massage someone to sleep while detoxifying the body

~ Learn and practice the massage techniques with 58 basalt lava stones (free kit included)

Foot Reflexology Certification Course

~ Become officially certified in Foot Reflexology

~ Learn to improve circulation while creating total relaxation (in accordance with the Reflexology Association of Canada)

~ Learn the compression and massage techniques for the 7,200 reflex points in your feet.

Healer Mentoring

~ An established healer desiring tools or clarity, refine your skills

~ Awakening to an inner calling of healing and don’t know where to start

~ A sensitive being feeling burnt-out and anxious as your soul calls you to be YOU

Chakras, How Energy Flows

~ Learn energy flow from elemental vortices through the chakra system

~ Become proficient in re-aligning chakras

~ Receive an Energy Board for distance healing

Axiatonal Trinity Alignment

~ Clear meridians of karma and emotion

~ Learn the axiatonal and meridian energy points on the body

~ Align with 12 solar aspects of universal love

Crystal Healing

~ Become proficient in energy clearing with crystals

~ Expand your intuition

~ Receive a starter kit of crystals

Egyptian Numerology

~ Calculate 8 aspects of the soul

~ Learn to create soul charts, year and month outlines

~ Learn the ancient language of numerology

5 Simple Steps to Peace

~ For anyone desiring peace in their daily living

~ Fun, simple, and powerfully effective techniques

~ Learn how to find peace and contentment