~ Become officially certified in Therapeutic Touch 1, Therapeutic Touch 2, or Therapeutic Touch 3

~ Learn and practice the physical TT techniques

~ Learn how to heal people with Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch Certification Courses

All reality consists of flowing energy fields.  When illness or injury occurs, the flow of energy is disrupted or depleted.  Therapeutic Touch is a non-touch healing technique that restores the flow of energy in 2-20 min. There are 3 levels of certification for Therapeutic Touch.


Therapeutic Touch I

Learn and practice the physical TT techniques as you become familiar with energy fields, how to work with them, and trust your own intuition.

Therapeutic Touch II

Become effective in applying colour to healing and expand your intuition and healing abilities.

Therapeutic Touch III

Become effective in applying healing to the auric field for emotional and spiritual healing.


$85.00 and 3 hours EACH

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