~ Deep, peaceful relaxation that reduces physical, emotional, and spiritual pain

~ Unblocking and balancing the flow of life-force energy within the body

~ New Awareness & tools to maintain the tranquil calmness in your life

Core Healing

Within minutes of the start of this intuitively guided energy healing session, I will be aware of what your body, mind, and soul are requiring for alignment without you saying a word.  It becomes very validating to hear from a stranger what has been transpiring on the inside world, especially the stuff you have contained since childhood and never expressed to anyone.

How it Works

Blending over 50 healing modalities (20+ Energy therapy’s like Reiki, 10+ Body-Mind therapy’s like Bioenergetics, and 20+ Mind-Spirit therapy’s like Journey Work). I will guide you into a holistic alignment of body, mind and soul returning your being to peaceful vitality. What comes up to be healed is what you are strong enough, safe enough and ready to shift.  You will leave with specific tools and techniques to maintain the new tranquility. 

Transformational healing in ONE session

Investment: $100.00 + HST for a 60 min session

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