Shelley, I came to see you early last year(very pregnant).  It’s  incredible how much you were able to pick up on, and indeed how true  your words were.  I gave birth to Arlan, at 4:44.  It was a hard delivery, as you had alluded to, and we  could have lost her-but, thank God, she came around and is exactly  how you described her(minus the hair!).  I remember you saying that 4 (am) will be a significant time for her, and even though she’s been  an amazing sleeper since day one, it’s usually around 4 that she’ll  stir!  You told me that she is a big communicator and that she’ll  really be able to see the beauty in things, and although that is a  nice thing to think about anybody, I really do believe it to be true  for Arlan.  Everyone, from strangers to family have used the same words for her, and they are always ‘old soul’, and ‘so alert and  aware’.  I believe you changed how I felt about having a daughter.   True too  was the advice you gave me about my son, Liam.  Since we met, I have  paid special attention to understanding him and respecting the  boundaries that  he puts up for people. So, thank you for such an incredible experience.