Want to remember who you ARE before you were told how to be?

Welcome precious child of the universe to planet earth.  There is nothing you cannot be, do, or have!

You are a magnificent creator, and you are here by virtue of your powerful and deliberate wanting to be here.  You are a beautiful soul with a unique and important way of expressing your love and light that is critical to the awakening of others, until the truth of who we are tips the balance of history’s ignorance back to oneness.

When you remember who you are on a soul level, you change yourself in a way that changes the world.

There is a natural stillness when we are fully connected with our soul and are awake (fully conscious).  Our body, which houses our soul, will be relaxed, muscles calm, breathing fluid; and our mind will be in the present moment, alert, and neutral. This is our:

I AM Presence

From this presence is a connection to oneness.  A feeling of home.

Symptoms of having buried soul gifts:

  • Disconnected (silently suffering feeling unseen, unheard, unacknowledged)
  • Indecisive (I don’t trust my choices)    
  • Depletion (taking care of everyone before self)
  • Resentful comparisons (everyone has what I want)  
  • Lonely (isolated even with friends)  
  • Critical (something is wrong with me)      

It requires courage to reclaim parts of your soul gifts that have been buried for years to fit in. Prior to August of 1987 and the harmonic convergence all lived in the 3rd-dimensional energy of separation from oneness, polarity, light/dark conflict, and a pervasive feeling of ALONE. During the harmonic convergence, there was a shift of consciousness of humanity to return to being ALL ONE that continues to accelerate daily.

TRUTH: we are all networked together. We all need YOUR brilliance to OWN our brilliance.

With your mastery of light, I can be as big, bright, and powerful as I can be, I can reach my soul-full potential. Together we soar higher than we ever could ALONE because we are ALL ONE.  

Now is the time to REMEMBER how huge our light expands when we BeAM our unique truth.

A Day out of Time

 by Shelley Kabelin, July 25, 2019 

Once when I was light
Before I lost my sight
I flew beyond the limits of time
In a space that was truly divine
I birthed into a new land
With animals, water, tree and sand
A new tribe welcomed me
And told me all I was NOT to BE
I fell into line
Forgetting I was divine
I silenced and contained
And slowly became insane
Till my body broke
And all I had went up in smoke
A darkness unlike all I had known
Until a tiny seed was sown
With water, light and pruning I grew
A rebirth, a starting a new
And now here I stand
A warrior in this new land
I guide, I heal,
I touch, I feel
I teach
All that I can reach
When we authentically BE
We are FREE
Come join me
And you too shall SEE

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